Which of the fees are included in the rental price?

We have taken into account almost all possible insurance cases, for example, road accidents, theft of vehicles, and so on. Our proposals also apply to local taxes, airport and road tolls.

What should be considered when choosing a car?

There are three main factors at work here, the first of which is capacity. Renting a car will bring the greater joy, the more spacious it will be, easily accommodating both passengers and luggage.

Fuel. If you do not have long trips in your plans, our "From a full tank to a full tank" policy will suit you, allowing customers to save money.

The place where you get a car. Of course, there is an option to do this already upon arrival at the airport, but it is much more profitable financially to take a rented transport outside of it.

How not to lose money with a budget offer by renting a car?

Our partners are not only all major international brands, but also numerous local rental companies. This allows us to expand the scope of our offers and offer attractive prices for all categories of customers. Within our availability – more than 6 tens of thousands of rental organizations around the world! To compare prices and choose the optimal car, just go to the search page and view the form.

What formalities do you need to complete to get a car?

To make a reservation, you should get a credit or debit card (if there are none), and to get a car, submit the following documentation:

A voucher certifying that the payment has been made;
One of the above-mentioned cards, the owner of which is the main driver. The funds on it should be sufficient to block the deposit;
The presence of a valid driver's license for each driver. Term – 1 year (in some cases – 2 years);
A visit to the rental company should be made with a passport or other document that can fully replace it.
In any case, different rental companies may have different requirements. Please: read them carefully.

How is the car returned at the end of the rental period?

Such information is registered in the tenant's voucher. The address data of the landlord is also indicated there. By the way, when you get a car, you can get any information from the company's managers.

Your voucher will contain the address of the rental company and information on how to return the car at the end of the rental. If you want to get more information , we recommend that you ask questions to the company's staff when you receive the car. Upon return, the car will be checked. You can leave your keys in a specially provided mailbox. Our advice: be sure to keep all the documentation issued to you.

When returning a car before the end of the rental period, can I get money for the time that I did not use?

Alas, this is not possible. The fact is that when placing an order, we made an obligation to the rental company that it will be operated for the entire rental period. The distributor, when calculating, proceeds exclusively from the initial agreements.

What should I do if a flight is delayed or canceled?

When placing an order, you need to provide information about this. In this case, your flight will be tracked by the company, and it may delay the vehicle for an hour. If this has not been done, it remains as soon as possible to call us at the phone number indicated in the rental voucher. Such emergencies are beyond our control, which does not imply our participation in solving the problems that have arisen, including financial ones.

Is it possible to return the car after hours?

We will ask you when it is convenient for you to receive and return the car during the search. Based on your response, information about the corresponding available cars will be provided. If there are none, the options that are most suitable for those specified in the search will be offered.

There are also such companies that include such a service in their price list, but there is a separate fee for this, but most others do not provide such services.

Do I have the opportunity to take a car earlier than the agreed deadline?

You can do this 30 minutes earlier, but this is not always possible due to insufficient availability of the machine.

If the customer's plans change in advance, he can cancel the original time and make a new one. Be careful: if changes are made to the reservation, you should be prepared for an increase in the rental price.

Is it possible to return the car later than the agreed period?

Before the start of the rental, you can make amendments by specifying them in the booking, it will not cost you anything. After registration, as in the previous case, the rental price will increase slightly.

If the car is already at your disposal, you need to contact the rental company directly via the appropriate connection and negotiate terms with it.

If you return the car late without warning, you will be charged a fine at the end of the lease.

Is it possible to extend the booking period?

The answer will be exactly the same as in the previous two cases.

When can I start paying the remaining balance when booking with a deposit?

4 weeks before the start of the lease, we pay the balance balance from the card that paid the deposit.

What currency can I use to pay for rental services?

It depends on your location when placing an order. For example, payments from the United States will be made in US dollars, from Germany-in euros, and so on.

For what reason can the payment be rejected?

The reason, in most cases, is technical. This may be a communication failure with the customer's card providers, a problem related to the card itself, or erroneous actions during the introduction of the card number.

You should duplicate the action with another card or contact the bank whose card you are using and specify the reason.

Meanwhile, you are not required to pay for the reservation with a credit card at all. The need for it will arise already in the rental company when you receive the ordered car.

When I get a rental car, do I have to pay the entire rental price at once?

This condition is mandatory. When receiving the car, you will be required to leave an insurance deposit. In addition, all additional services, such as the requirement to include an additional driver in the rental agreement, GPS service, child safety seat, and so on, are also paid.

Moreover, the amount of expenses may increase, depending on certain circumstances related, in particular, to the place where the car is hired, the age of the driver, the time of year and climatic conditions of the area, mileage and some other factors. This may also apply to tax or other local fees, unilateral rent payments, fuel bills, credit card usage fees, and more.

Is it possible to provide additional insurance coverage?

Yes, some rental companies have such services. One of the most common is the so – called "super extended" coverage in the event of an accident and damage to the car-the SCDW policy. The area of its action:

Coverage of car parts that are not included in standard insurance contracts, for example, this may apply to tires, windows and other parts;
Reduction of the deductible, that is, a decrease in the maximum amount provided for payment in case of damage to a certain part that is not specified in the standard coverage;
Zeroing of the franchise in order not to resort to collateral during the acceptance of the leased vehicle.

Is it required to pay a deposit amount during the registration of the lease and what is it?

Yes, when making a transaction, you will be required to do this. This is a kind of guarantee for the company against damage to the car due to your fault or its theft. The deposit amount is blocked for the entire duration of the rental period.

Upon the safe return of the rented transport, the funds will be unblocked within seven working days.

If there is a shortage of funds on the bank card of the person issued by the main driver, the car will not be issued. An alternative from the company: to purchase additional coverage already from them.

Such actions are considered justified and are standard for all companies providing car rental services.

The question about a one-way lease: is there a fee for it? If the answer is yes, what is its size?

Upon receipt and return of the rented car in various places, such payment is provided for and made at the rental company itself.

Is there a payment for trunk fees?

Yes, such a payment is charged. After all, it is possible that you will have to drive on toll roads in a rented car. This is your problem and you are responsible for the costs yourself.

Is it possible to get and return a car in different places?

This, as well as the details of this process, has already been mentioned above: such a service is provided in the form of a fee for a one-way lease. When booking a car, the client can make appropriate changes to the reservation. Please read this information again.

Who is responsible for the financial penalties that were imposed during the lease term?

Logically, this is a tenant's problem, and it's not just about fines. This also applies to parking tickets, if any. The lessee is obliged to report all such cases to the rental company during the return of the car.

It is possible that some of the complaints may be received by the tenant after the rental of the rented car. You will receive an official notification about this from the rental company. The fines will be paid by the company, but these amounts will then be deducted from your credit card. It is also possible to charge an administrative fee.

Does the age limit apply to car rental?

According to the accepted practice, the lower threshold is set at 25, the upper-at 70 years. At the same time, some companies make their own adjustments, in certain cases increasing the amount of fees.

Are there plans to add additional drivers? Do I need any documents at the same time?

This is possible. This person is obliged to arrive with the tenant at the rental office. He must have a license to drive a car with a license for two years.

The second option. The tenant has the opportunity to add them to a ready-made reservation. This, of course, will cost him an additional fee.

Are there any requirements for a driver's license?

As a rule, a minimum of two-year ratification of a driver's license is required. There is no question of temporary rights at all.

When hiring a car abroad, you may be required, in addition to national certificates, also an international driver's license.