The most popular cars rented around the world.

Just imagine fulfilling your driving dream by driving along the autobahn in a vintage Jaguar or crossing the beautiful landscape in a Porsche SUV. But driving a car abroad and renting it is a completely different experience. Different road signs, traffic rules, and even the need to drive on the other side of the road can create tension for anyone.

Because of this, when it comes to making a decision, most people may be more inclined to go for something that will make them feel as comfortable as possible on foreign roads and save them some money. But if people don't rent a Rolls-Royce for a family vacation, what brand of car can you rent in each country when going on vacation? we found out which brand of cars tourists rent most often in almost every country in the world, analyzing rental data from 2014 to 2020.

Самые популярные автомобил

At the top of the leaderboard are Volkswagen and Toyota.

Surprisingly, the two car brands share the top spot, with Volkwagen and Toyota being the top choice for 20 countries as their reliable holiday car.


people traveling to Lithuania are most likely to choose a German car, as 68% chose this brand as their holiday car, with the VW Polo being the most popular (25% of all rented cars).

Those who are on holiday in Norway are the second most likely to rent a Volkswagen car abroad, as 57% of people decided that a VW would suit them best. The majority (28%) of these rented cars were VW Polos.

Latvian tourists are the third most likely to choose a Volkswagen as a rental car abroad, as 51% chose a German manufacturer as their route. In addition, unlike visitors to other countries, the most popular model was the VW Golf, as 20% of people rented it.


people visiting Colorado in the US are more likely to want to take a ride in a Toyota, with 59% of the rental coming from the Japanese automaker.

Of these cars, the Toyota Yaris was the most popular, as it accounted for 21% of the cars rented by people visiting Colorado.

Those who are vacationing in Thailand take second place for lovers of all things Toyota. 52% of all cars rented in Thailand were Toyotas, 9% of all renters chose the Toyota Corolla, making it the most popular model.

A place whose tourists are the third most loyal to a Japanese brand is actually a state again. 45% of visitors to Georgia rent a Toyota, with the Toyota Corolla sedan making up the majority of rental cars, as 30% of people chose this particular model.

Самые популярные автомобил

Second from the top are Kia and Hyundai.

Tourists visiting 10 countries out of the 109 that we reviewed are most likely to choose a Kia car for rent. Hyundai is also tied for second place, as tourists most often visit 10 countries by renting a Hyundai.


Aruba tourists are most likely to choose a South Korean car brand, as 84% rented this car brand between 2014 and 2020 . The Kia Picanto was the most popular model, accounting for 69% of all rental cars.

The next country where people are most likely to rent a Kia when visiting is Bahrain. 83% of people decided that this brand is the best fit for them. 32% of these rental cars were Kia Picanto.

Curacao is the third country where tourists most often choose Kia as a rental car, as 74% of people do. Also, as in other countries, 44% of people rented a Kia Picanto.


people traveling to the Seychelles seem to be the most loyal to the car brand: 74% of the rental cars are Hyundai, and the Hyundai i10 makes up 49% of these tenants.

Tourists vacationing in the Philippines take second place in the South Korean automobile fan club. Of all the cars rented in the Philippines, 65% were Hyundai, with the Hyundai Accent being the most popular (64%).

Panama is the country whose tourists are the third most likely to rent a Hyundai, as 55% chose the car brand as their holiday vehicle; and just like in the Seychelles, the Hyundai i10 made up the majority of rental cars.

In third place - Renault.

9 out of 109 countries have Renault as the brand of car that is most likely to be rented by international tourists.

Tourists in Belarus are more likely to choose French-made cars for their vacation rentals, making it the most likely destination of these nine countries. 59% of the rental cars were Renault, and 56% were Renault Logan.

Egypt and Guadeloupe are the other two main countries where tourists prefer Renault. 49% of tourists traveling to both these countries rent Renault cars.

39% of the Rents rented in Egypt were Renault Logan, while Guadeloupe tourists loved the Renault Twingo, making up a third of the rental cars.

There were some surprises in the statistics — but expect to see the iconic Ford brand as a favorite of people visiting America.

But tourists heading to France clearly want to treat themselves to a Peugeot on their trip, as this is the obvious rental choice, accounting for 26% of all renters, people spending their holidays in Italy follow a similar pattern, as Fiat is the choice for many, accounting for 48% of all renters.

It is quite possible that such analytics will encourage travelers to make their choice more confidently when renting a car.  What would be your number one choice when you go abroad?