Traveling around Finland by car: useful tips for drivers

Driving on the roads of Finland is a pleasure. They differ in quality and evenness. But moving on them requires compliance with certain traffic rules. Basically, they are no different from the Russian ones, but the fines for these violations will hit your pocket very hard, and in certain cases they can lead to a court case. Another important detail is that local police officers do not take bribes under any circumstances. In order to feel good on the roads in the country of a thousand lakes, you must carefully study the local traffic regulations, have all the necessary documents and a serviceable car.

Путешествуем по Финляндии на авто

The most popular violations of the rules of the Russian tourist in Finland

When going on a trip to Finland, you should remember a few rules. Do not break the rules of the road - it can really hit your wallet. And an unpaid fine on time will cause the visa to be refused when planning subsequent trips. Once you've crossed the border, put aside the Russian ways and be careful. Cameras are everywhere.

Most often, a Russian tourist in this country is fined for the following violations:

* parking-in most cases, parking in Finland is paid and carried out in a special machine. After depositing the money, the receipt should be placed under the glass and quietly go for a walk. But this rule is not for Russians. We all hope for a chance, but with the Finnish representatives of the law and order, this does not pass. The penalty for parking is from 10 to 40 euros. It's worth thinking about!

* Speeding-well, what Russian does not like fast driving, especially on the ideal roads of Finland, on which it is a sin not to accelerate. But the rules of the road in many European countries dictate a maximum speed outside the city of no more than 80 km, and in a locality even less-50 km. Finland is no exception.

* Alcohol-while on vacation, you often want to relax with a glass of wine and a glass of beer. Many people get behind the wheel in this state. But the rules are quite harsh on people who have traces of alcohol in their blood. At a level of 0.5 to 1.2 %, you will be fined 15 daily fares and will be deprived of your driver's license.

For reference! One daily rate is approximately 21 euros.

* Transport of children in the front seat-the Finnish rules for the transport of children state that children under the height of 135 cm are prohibited from being in the front seat. The Russian tourist does not forget about this, but in most cases simply does not know about this requirement. In case of violation, you will be fined from 6 to 10 daily rates.

* Seat belt - a Russian motorist often does not fasten a seat belt in Russia, where there is also a fine for violation, but traffic police officers, as a rule, rarely stop for this. But in the country of a thousand lakes, things are different: you must wear a seat belt, otherwise you will be fined 70 euros.

* Talking on the phone - using a mobile device while driving is also punishable by law and will empty your wallet for 100 euros. The call is quite expensive!

Important! If you are still fined, pay the receipt at any bank within two weeks to avoid problems!

Путешествуем по Финляндии на авто

Tips for travelers by car

Traveling around European countries by car is practiced by many Russian tourists. Below you will find small life hacks for those who still decided on such a trip to Finland.

* Build your own company, because it will reduce some of your green card and gas costs. It is also worth filling up a full tank on the territory of Russia, since gasoline in a European country is much cheaper. Before the checkpoint itself, there are a couple of gas stations for this purpose. The ideal solution is to take a full canister with you. But there are pitfalls: you can not pass through the border more than 10 liters of fuel. Take a note!

• You can also reduce costs by renting a car already in Finland in a convenient region for the entire period of the trip or for one day. Thus, you can visit not only tourist places, but also see the beauty of the country, or visit more cities. Many companies have the opportunity to take a car in one city and return it in another.

• Another effective way to save on travel is not to visit restaurants and cafes, but to eat food purchased in supermarkets. But it should be noted that in no case can you transport meat-containing products, such as sausages, lard, as well as dairy products, through the checkpoint. If you get caught, you will face a huge fine. So the sausage sandwiches taken for a snack on the road should be eaten before crossing the border.

* In Finland, products that have expired are given away at a big discount, and if you are lucky, then for free. If you are still not used to such snacks, then in this country, from 11 to 15 o'clock, buffet lunches are held in restaurants at an attractive cost of 8-13 euros.

Travel with pleasure and do not break the rules of traffic regulations