Several reasons to rent a car in Montenegro.

Montenegro is an original Balkan state with a picturesque nature that you can never get tired of admiring. To save money on excursions and travel not only all of Montenegro, but also neighboring countries, it is worth booking a car rental. If you feel confident behind the wheel, you can use the services of rental companies on the spot or in advance by booking a car online.

Tips for booking a car in Montenegro

Since Montenegro is a picturesque country with a surprisingly beautiful nature, the best car model for traveling around the territory is an open-top convertible. In such a car, you can combine business with pleasure: and admire the surrounding scenery, and sunbathe from the heart. If you like a car on the site, try to quickly book it, as some models of cars are very quickly disassembled. As a rule, rental companies do not charge a deposit for the car. In some cases, it is better to make an advance payment so that the car is guaranteed to get to you.

What you need to register a car rental

You need a driver's license, driver's age-at least 21-23 years, driving experience-at least 1 year, foreign passport, rental voucher, cash or credit card. If you rent a car at the airport from local car rental companies, they rarely have a terminal, so you need to prepare cash. You can rent a car immediately at the airport upon arrival - some car rental companies organize the delivery of cars directly to the airport.

If you plan to travel to neighboring countries-Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, you need to check the availability of insurance on the green card and ask the landlord to put a mark in the contract.

You can book in advance via the Internet or use the services of rental offices at the airport of Tivat, however, there the driver will require a deposit, and in general the prices there are higher than those of local rental companies. You should be wary of the GoldCar rental company, as this company practices fraud: it can attribute non-existent damage to drivers that they allegedly caused to the car during the trip, in addition, it requires a deposit and then tries to do everything so that it is not returned.

The average rental price is from 9 to 14 euros per day, depending on the car brand and mileage. The most popular cars are Suzuki Alto, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Micro, Chevrolet Camaro Cabrio. Open-top convertibles are more expensive: from 55 euros per day, and renting a Mercedes can cost about 300 euros for 2 days.

What the driver needs to remember when booking

When ordering a car from local rental companies, it is necessary to specify the year of manufacture, mileage and condition of the car to be sure that there are no technical defects of the vehicle. It is advisable to first read the reviews about the company on the Internet. Prepayment-another important point, which depends on whether you will be provided with services in full. As soon as the customer makes an advance payment for the rental car, he receives a voucher, and the presence of the document on hand guarantees that the car will be delivered on time, and the company will fulfill its obligations.

Since the roads in Montenegro are quite specific, sometimes you have to drive along a mountain serpentine, the car must be in perfect technical condition, and the driver himself must have driving experience, since only the customer is responsible for the life and health of himself and his passengers, as well as for the safety of the car.

Car rental procedure in Montenegro

As soon as you arrive at the airport of Tivat, you will be met by a representative of the rental office. You are shown the car so that you can make sure that it is in good technical condition. Next, a briefing is conducted, a contract is signed, payment is made, and the driver can go by car on a trip along the planned route.

To protect yourself from possible claims, record the process of inspecting the car in the photo, pay attention, even if there are the slightest scratches on the body.
For your convenience, book your car in advance! Thus, you will be booked for a certain brand of car, build an interesting route in advance and calculate the budget for the trip.