Four unusual and interesting routes by car in different countries.

Traveling by car has many advantages. This is an opportunity to choose the time of visiting the sights, take a large number of things with you, choose the most beautiful route and do not depend on anyone. Many travelers either travel in their own car or rent it in the country where they are vacationing. In any case, you will need international rights – it is better to specify such things in advance.

In addition, traveling by car is often more budget-friendly. Especially if you are going on vacation in the company of friends or relatives. Let's see what routes to build in New Zealand, Finland, Norway and Germany.

маршруты на машине

For example, a few years ago, Meghan Markle traveled around New Zealand in a mobile home and you can make a great route around the islands from her notes. You should start with Queenstown. There are many excellent restaurants here. In addition, it is very beautiful and quiet. At Lake Huanaca, the next point on the route, you can try fishing. There will be fewer tourists and quieter. After that, visit the Franz Josef Glacier. This is an amazing and beautiful place, shrouded in mystery. Then, in the Marlborough region – the center of New Zealand's viticulture – try the delicious wines and mussels, which are rumored to be the size of a palm here. Be sure to swim surrounded by whales and dolphins in Kaikoura. And south of it, in the small town of Akaroa, try delicious homemade wine and casolet. Already on the ferry it is worth getting to the island of Waiheke. Here you need to stay longer-swim, drink wine from local wineries and communicate with people.

A trip to New Zealand will definitely be remembered. First, there is an amazing beauty of nature. Secondly, since this place is far from the usual Europe and Asia, you will get a lot of new experiences.

From the western part of Russia, it is easy to get to Finland – a country where saunas are very popular. There are as many as three million of them here. They can be found everywhere – in the city center, on the shore of the lake, or even on the surface of the lake itself. In addition, there is also the only ski lift sauna in the world.

Of course, you should start your journey from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Here you can not only visit the sauna, but also walk through the streets of the city. Aquariums, museums, exhibitions, gardens – here you should stay at least for a few days. You can try a black bath in Kouvola. There is also a floating sauna, after which you can plunge into the cold water of the lake. And the Savonlinna region is famous for its spa resorts. Be sure to try the local cuisine. They say it's one of the best in Finland. Great places to stay are the cities of Jyvaskyla and Mikkeli. You can rent a cottage in the woods, grill steaks and relax from the people and the hustle and bustle. As a result, the rest in this country is suitable for those who are tired of noisy megacities and want privacy with nature.

маршруты на машине

You will remember your trip to Germany with its mountain ranges, fabulous castles, excellent wines and beautiful views. In Bad Durkheim, a cozy German town, there is a giant wine barrel that now functions as a restaurant. In September, there is an annual wine festival. Take a look at the Hambach Castle in Neustadt – the city itself is famous as a symbol of German democracy. Inside the castle, a flag is still kept, which was made by protesters demanding constitutional freedoms. The Rhodter Rosengarten vineyard is the oldest in the world. Here you can try the white wine Gewurztraminer, which is made from the grape variety of the same name. It has a rich taste and aroma. And in Deidesheim, visit the wine museum and one of the local restaurants.

All of these are located next to each other. But if you want, you can turn off and fly to France to continue to enjoy the use of wine. Or head south to Neuschwanstein Castle. The place is popular among tourists. And no wonder. The castle seemed to have been cut out of a fairy tale and placed in the mountains. Of course, do not forget that after tasting wines or other alcoholic beverages, you can not get behind the wheel. This is not only not safe, but can also contribute to the appearance of a fairly large fine. Needless to say, this can greatly spoil the impression of the trip. Make stops at hotels or rented houses to get the most out of your trip.

маршруты на машине

For those who prefer non-man-made attractions, we offer to take a trip by car in Norway. Visit the awesome Troll Language. This is a stone ledge in the mountain, where you can take exciting photos. Of course, there is an incredible view of the lake and the mountains. But keep in mind that about four kilometers will have to go on foot with a fairly large rise. We recommend that you go here in the morning to get back before dark. But in the summer there is quite a long daylight, so it is worth coming here in the warm season.

The proud name of the best tourist road in the world is the Atlantic Road. This highway passes through several islands. On the way, you will see unforgettable views of the ocean, fjords and mountains. In addition, there are four comfortable panoramic viewing platforms with Parking spaces.

маршруты на машине

The troll ladder will also leave few people indifferent. Of course, not only because of the fact that you will have to climb it quite decently. The depression between the mountains, the waterfall and the serpentine below enchant and fall in love with the nature of Norway.

A place where you will have to walk a lot, but it will be worth it – the valley of the Hyusedalen waterfalls. The highest waterfall here reaches 180 meters. There are four waterfalls in total and it is worth spending the effort to see them all.